Cancer Breakthrough!?


Image a no-surgery and no-chemo approach to cancer treatment that resulted in a 100% rate of remission with no serious adverse side effects. Sounds like a dream, right?

It’s actually happened.

Background: DNA mismatch is a factor in 15% to 29% of all colon cancers and 10% of rectal cancers. This mismatch occurs randomly during normal DNA replication (which is involved in cell creation) as well as due to injury from environmental factors (e.g., pollution). The body has a process for detecting and repairing mismatch errors, as shown in the graphic below. However, for whatever reasons, sometimes that process doesn’t work.

The mismatch can lead to uncontrolled cell growth, which is cancer.

DNA error repair process. The graphic shows an error in duplicating a DNA strand, in which the system identifies the mistakes, cuts out the section of the new strand containing the mistakes, and replaces it.

A clinical trial…

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