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JOKE:   They’re laughing–  Other countries don’t have to wait:  U.S. citizens are killing off each other themselves, without forcing other countries to waste lives  in a war

As long as U.S.  liberals spend energy calling Republican accusations conspiracies, the less likely will it be to look at them as possible evidence of SABOTAGE of democracy.  Evidence of actual increasing purposeful sabotage of America’s democracy?

  1. Florida’s governor forming his own military force who only report to him, not the nation.
  2. Supreme Court in 2010 ruling to allow the wealthy to buy elections.
  3. Koch brothers meetings with Republicans to help word congressional bills
  4. Former president’s  overt attachment to Russia, continuing to manifest in many conservatives.
  5. Elected representative blatantly calling for the dark MAGA to come out.
  6. Former president’s asking militant groups to stand by
  7. Overt attempt to overturn presidental election and the January 6 attempt
  8. Trying to limit peaceful protests, aggressive…

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