“Green washing” von Energieerzeugung … “Green washing” of energy

Stella, oh, Stella

Mit einem neuen Regelwerk möchte die Europäische Union Standards für nachhaltiges Wirtschaften festlegen. Doch wenn es nach der EU-Kommission geht, sollen in der so genannten „Taxonomie“ auch Erdgas und Atomkraft als nachhaltige Formen der Energieerzeugung eingestuft werden! Das wäre ein Greenwashing-GAU, denn dieser Etikettenschwindel würde milliardenschwere Fehlinvestitionen in veraltete Technologien lenken. Milliarden, die wir dringend für den Aufbau eines erneuerbaren Energiesystems brauchen.

Doch noch kann das EU-Parlament sein Veto einlegen! Dabei kommt es insbesondere auf die Stimmen der konservativen EVP-Fraktion (in Deutschland: CDU/CSU) und der Liberalen (FDP und Freie Wähler) an. Machen Sie mit und schreiben Sie jetzt den Europaabgeordneten dieser Fraktionen aus Ihrem Bundesland, damit Erdgas und Atomkraft keinen grünen Anstrich bekommen.

Die Kommission hat das „Ökolabel“ für Gas und Atomkraft als „delegierten Rechtsakt“ auf den Weg gebracht. In diesem Verfahren können sowohl der Ministerrat als auch das EU-Parlament ein Veto einlegen. Während vom Rat in dieser Sache nichts…

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La ricetta del giorno

Napoli ieri oggi e domani

Crostata di prugne

Ingredienti: pasta frolla 500gr, prugne fresche 1kg, 3 uova, latte 2 dl, maraschino, zucchero 100gr, 1 limone, zucchero a velo.

Esecuzione: lavare le prugne, snocciolarle tagliandole a metà, metterle in una ciotola e spruzzarle con un bicchierino di maraschino.

Stendere la pasta, foderare una tortiera imburrata e infarinata e bucherellare il fondo con una forchetta.

Sistemarvi sopra le prugne a raggiera e ricoprirle con le uova leggermente sbattute con latte, zucchero e la scorza grattugiata del limone.

Con i ritagli di pasta decorare la crostata con strisce incrociate disposte a griglia e cuocerla in forno già caldo a 180° per poco più di mezz’ora.

Buon appetito

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Kaushal Kishore

I had always been driven by self
engulfed by own self
as I liked and loved myself
I used to believe
my own values and conduct
as the best in the world…

I had safely assumed 
that I didn’t snore,
but others pointed me out
that I did snore
and their own sleep pattern
got disturbed,
I took corrective measures
without any shame…

I was confident
the way I used to carry myself
was perfect,
but my well-wishers pointed out
that I tilt to the left,
I mended my ways
without any guilt…

Such feedbacks
might have pleased me or not
at that very moment
but have certainly added values
to my personality…

I wonder
whether I would have been
what I’m today
had I ignored or labelled them
as futile or hostile
in the first place…

I still do love myself,
rather more intensely,
but now I also love…

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What’s Up With This Preventable Water Disease? The Brockovich Report

Water management problems lead to Legionnaires’ disease outbreaks.

  • About 65 percent of cases are due to process failures, like not having a Legionella water management program.
  • About 1 in 2 (52 percent) are due to human error, such as a hot tub filter not being cleaned or replaced as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • About 1 in 3 are due to equipment, such as a disinfection system, not working.
  • About 1 in 3 are due to changes in water quality from reasons external to the building itself, like nearby construction.

Source: What’s Up With This Preventable Water Disease?

Myanmar’s Junta Seems Serious About Executing Leading Activists. Can We Stop It?

Is Myanmar’s junta really so merciless that it would execute leading pro-democracy activists Ko Jimmy and Ko Phyo Zeya Thaw, as it has decreed? And what will happen if it does?

For many people—be they members of pro-democracy groups, the countless young resistance fighters across the country, or the general public, who already hate the ruling generals for the atrocities they have committed, and for their sheer barbarity—the execution of the two public figures would feel as if their hearts were being ripped out of their chests. 

That pain would be unforgivable. 

Source: Myanmar’s Junta Seems Serious About Executing Leading Activists. Can We Stop It?

Do Better Wednesdays, Walk for Libraries Prompt

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

    Introducing a new prompt from the old chapter 7 (and the outline of old chapter 10’s Introduction…):  how would you start a daily ‘walk to our library’ group?

How many branch libraries do you have in your part of town, and how far a walk is the most convenient one for you?


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♫ Bridge Over Troubled Water ♫ (Redux)

Filosofa's Word

Today I am depressed, my mind jumbled by the level of utter ignorance and cruelty in the nation where I live.  I played this one back in 2018 and again in 2020, but … it just seems so appropriate for the current times that I’m playing it again.  These days I feel that we are living under a bridge over troubled waters with no shoreline in sight.

Did you know that Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel met in grade school when they both appeared in a production of Alice in Wonderland. Paul was the White Rabbit and Art was the Cheshire Cat.  They began recording together in high school as Tom and Jerry — yes, as in the cartoon cat and mouse.

Simon and Garfunkel split up in 1970, and Garfunkel went on to become a math teacher at a private school in Connecticut.

The album, Bridge Over Troubled…

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Spot on!


JOKE:   They’re laughing–  Other countries don’t have to wait:  U.S. citizens are killing off each other themselves, without forcing other countries to waste lives  in a war

As long as U.S.  liberals spend energy calling Republican accusations conspiracies, the less likely will it be to look at them as possible evidence of SABOTAGE of democracy.  Evidence of actual increasing purposeful sabotage of America’s democracy?

  1. Florida’s governor forming his own military force who only report to him, not the nation.
  2. Supreme Court in 2010 ruling to allow the wealthy to buy elections.
  3. Koch brothers meetings with Republicans to help word congressional bills
  4. Former president’s  overt attachment to Russia, continuing to manifest in many conservatives.
  5. Elected representative blatantly calling for the dark MAGA to come out.
  6. Former president’s asking militant groups to stand by
  7. Overt attempt to overturn presidental election and the January 6 attempt
  8. Trying to limit peaceful protests, aggressive…

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