A small place in Grenada: Coral Cove and its turtles threatened by development

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In the Caribbean, we are small. Although in Jamaica we tend to think of ourselves as a “larger” island, in the scheme of things only Cuba and Hispaniola can claim to be quite sizeable.

And yet, as they say, “small is beautiful.” And one place that fits that description perfectly is Coral Cove in Grenada. It is one of those quiet corners of a small island, where the sea brushes the sand and old, weather-beaten trees lean across a narrow beach. Brown Pelicans patrol and dive in the waters. It is one of those lovely spots where you can easily while away a few hours, daydreaming.

Weather-beaten trees at Coral Cove.

And if you are lucky, an endangered Hawksbill Turtle (all our Caribbean turtles are listed as endangered, by the way) will emerge from the sea to dig her nest on the beach. It is a laborious task that is…

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