Writing Process: 6th Draft in Final Edit, Beta Readers Needed!!

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At last! I’ve just finished Draft 5, and am now in final edit of the substantially revised Draft #6, which is rather different, even, from the 5th draft. Now in need of Beta Readers, please! In addition to a few idea changes, this draft is 237 pages, rather than the 288 of draft 5. (why is the editor so snaggy today?!)

So, I continue to work on detail edits of draft #6 of Project Do Better’s manifesto, which should not be many as I was careful, but one always misses something, so do let me know of any and everything you see or think should be changed -just let me know if you want to read this 6th Draft and I will post it!

I look forward to hearing your opinions, Thoughtful Readers.

We can really Do Better.


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