Only One Earth: World Environment Day 2022 is full of mixed emotions

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I confess, I have been preoccupied by family matters and rather low key. This World Environment Day I found it hard to focus; the issues are crowding in. In particular, climate change weighs heavily. I looked up the hashtag on Twitter, finding more and more semi-hopeful messages, “we’re doing something” videos, and “let’s do something!” urgings. I feel a headache coming on.

Our Environment Minister Matthew Samuda (right) has just got back from the Stockholm Plus Fifty conference, where he met up with colleagues such as his counterpart in the Bahamas, Minister Vaughn Miller. So perhaps I can forgive him for not tweeting a Happy World Environment Day message this morning! Perhaps! (Twitter)

Our Minister with responsibility for the environment, Senator Matthew Samuda, attended theStockholm Plus 50 conference – plenty of speeches, hand-shaking, and photo ops, no doubt – and probably a few more promises, too. Two of the

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