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Stories You Need To Know #8

Durvasa avatar

This avatar of Lord Shiva was born to Sage Atri and his wife, Anasuya. He was known for being short-tempered and commanded respect both from the humans as well as the Devas. In Hindu scriptures, Durvasa also known as Durvasas (Sanskrit: दुर्वासस्), was a legendaryRishi.

According to local tradition in modern Azamgarh, Durvasa’s Ashram, or hermitage (where disciples would study under him), was situated in the area, at the confluence of the Tons River and Majhuee rivers; 6 km (3.7 mi) north of the Phulpur Tehsil headquarters. His most famous temple, called Rishi Durvasa Temple, is located in the Aali Brahman Village, tehsil Hathin, district of Palwal, Haryana.

Rishi Durvasa, being short-tempered, was said to have both cursed and gifted boons to several notable deities and people in the Hindu Pantheon and Mythos.

According to Chapter…

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