54 years ago… In Memory of Bobby Kennedy.

Gone but the dream lives.

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I’ll never forget watching just after midnight that victory speech from California. I’ll never forget watching the next night when Frank Mankiewicz announced that Bobby had died. I’ll never forget watching all the days and nights following.

I’ll never forget at 11 years old the day my childhood ended.

I’ll never forget losing my Hero.

At 65 I still ask “WHY” and cry.

One by one they murdered all of our Hero’s.

Open wounds that have never healed and a country that to this day has never recovered.

This country would not became what it is today if these men had not been murdered.

On this June 6th,

Never forgotten Bobby, never ever forgotten.

Hero then, Hero now, Hero Forever.

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2 thoughts on “54 years ago… In Memory of Bobby Kennedy.”

    1. Was a horrible day for the nation and me. He had come far in changing his views and was a hope for ending war in Vietnam and pushing civil rights. As a caterer, I had worked in that kitchen so it was vivid for. I funeral cortege in DC drove past the Natural History Museum, where I worked at the time. Lots of people were crying…

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