Mini-Snippets of Snark

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I sometimes have a short attention span and today I have only a few mini-snippets of snark for you …

The Republicans have solutions for mass shootings.  Last week it was arming the teachers. This week it’s arm the doctors, arm the undertakers. But when that white supremacist shot up the Black grocery store in Buffalo, guess what they did not say:  Arm the black people.  Anybody wonder why?

Nobody who still believes that the 2020 election results were not fair, that the former guy actually won, has any right whatsoever to be placed in a position of trust either monitoring or otherwise affecting election results in 2022 or 2024 … or ever.  The Republicans talk the talk about election integrity, but they damn sure don’t walk the walk, for they already have plans in the works to put partisan hacks in charge of elections starting this November.

Rumour has…

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