If, Trees


The Devdar tree by the rock
The Fir and the Pine
must have its memories too:
after a thousand years,
see how its branches
lean towards the ground

Only if I could get enough
away from people
where there was much more sky
seen through the leaves above
meeting trees from this and other
than land,
high risers.

I see,
by the day
the grass is going brown or red in places
Under the broad shadows of the Chinar tree
Sometimes now, here, everywhere
I am talked to,
is by silence

Yet, If
I could only
get closer to the light
where most of it is light.

: ँ :

I hope someday we could stop celebrating (a) day named after Environment. Where have we come?

: ँ :

Thank you.

If today is the first time you have arrived on The Road to Nara, you are heartily welcome…

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