Empathy and Nature

Kaushal Kishore

Mr T N Seshan was known as the tough administrator. His most important stint was of the Chief Election Commissioner of India, when he brought radical reforms in elections. He was the man who cleaned up the Indian electoral system and ensured strict compliance of the model code of conduct by all political parties and candidates.

During the course of a Management Seminar, Mr. Seshan, had shared an experience he had while travelling by road with his wife in Uttar Pradesh. On the way, they saw a large mango plantation filled with sparrow nests.

Seshan’s wife wanted to take two nests home for decoration. So the police escort called a small boy who was grazing cows nearby and asked him to bring down two nests and offered to pay him Rs 10. The boy refused, so Seshan raised the offer to Rs 50. The escort also threatened him saying that…

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