When disgraced politico Steve Bannon exclaimed that baby boomers are the most self-centered, most narcissistic generation the U.S. has ever had, I could only shake my head because he, himself is a boomer. I wonder if it is from self-loathing that he made such a remark or if it was merely to score political points. Regardless of the reason, it is unwise and unkind to smear entire groups of people with toxic stereotypes and to stir up hatred.

Whether or not anyone is clinically diagnosed as self-centered and narcissistic, is up to a mental health professional regarding a particular patient to determine. Otherwise Bannon’s use of the term defames millions of people. The term “narcissism” has become watered down due to its popular useage by many self-proclaimed self-help experts. Being self-centered and narcissistic are traits that are not limited to boomers nor any other generation. Such behavior has likely been…

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