Weeks, Forged Family, Aladdin, and Elisha?

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This is an update, for tonight’s holiday, my favorite, of studying overnight, with a link to the class I taught on it some years ago. I forgot to mention that we read the Megillah of Ruth on this holiday, as well, with the famous story of Ruth and Naomi becoming family, used by the Rabbis for the conversion process, and the idea of Na’aseh ve Nishmah by all of those who would ever accept the task of wrestling with the divine, and of Tikkun Olam, before the mountain, this day.

As we come up to the holiday of שָׁבוּעוֹת Shavuot, shavuot_papercut_2 for the seven weeks, or 50 days counted down between Passover and Shavuot, we naturally think of the pleasures of staying up all night long to study languages, er, em, that is, to study Torah, in our Biblical languages of Hebrew and sometimes also Aramaic, with the occasional reference…

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