COVID-19 cases rise again in St. Louis |

And now that COVID-19 cases are once again heading in the wrong direction in the city of St. Louis, Tinsley is keeping her mask even closer.

“Even though I had my first and second boosters, I still my mask on,” she said.

“We’re now in the high transmission and community level in the city of St. Louis,” Dr. Mati Hlatshwayo Davis, director of health for the city of St. Louis, said during her virtual town hall meeting on Wednesday.

The city was previously at moderate COVID-19 transmission levels.

Right now, she says the number of new reported COVID-19 cases is as high as it was during last summer’s delta variant surge.

“It’s hard to get accurate numbers because people are not testing as much as they used to. Those numbers have plummeted,” she added.

“We’re also told hospitalizations across the region are on the rise,” Hlatshwayo Davis said.

Officials say hospitals with the St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force have admitted an average of 39 new patients with COVID-19 each day.


Source: COVID-19 cases rise again in St. Louis |