Review: La Nuit Des Temps & Social Empathy?

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I recall (having read this book NuitTemps when I was teaching myself French, so definitely needs a re-read) that I did not like the criteria for choosing the lady, and also didn’t really like the plot, but I did love the message: Let’s not ruin our planet, again…

Je me souviens que je n’avais pas aimait les critères pour avoir choisi la femme, ni le scénario, mais, le message, si, j’aime: ne gachent pas la planète, autre fois…

So, my question is this: how can a leader build enough empathy to get people to want to help provide housing for every person, even those not seen as “deserving” yet/anymore?


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  1. Hm, I don’t think that a leader alone will be able to do it. It has to be the culture that people grow up in that everybody is equally deserving. It takes a large group of people, who consciously decide to live like that.

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