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Of the several newsletters I subscribe to, one of my favourites is by Robert B. Hubbell.  I don’t know much about Mr. Hubbell apart from the fact that he is an attorney in California, but he often speaks words of wisdom.  I’m sharing the first part of his newsletter from this morning about President Biden’s speech last night.  If you enjoy his style, feel free to subscribe to his newsletter – it’s free!

Biden meets the moment.

June 3, 2022

Robert B. Hubbell

[Audio version here ]

          President Biden met the moment by delivering a powerful call to “stop the carnage” caused by endless mass killings of America’s youth. In a speech delivered Thursday evening, he rose above his familiar role of “consoler-in-chief” to deliver a strong call to (1) ban assault rifles, (2) implement universal background checks, and (3) rescind legal immunity for manufacturers of firearms. Failing a complete…

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