Jamaican farmers’ groups meet to discuss new training opportunities

I am continuously amazed and grateful that small holder farmers continue to feed their families and community with their courage and love.

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I have to say, I worry for Jamaican farmers. At the same time, I admire them greatly for their tenacity and willingness to achieve results, no matter what. The former Agriculture Minister Floyd Green started an “Agriculture in Bloom”programme to give women farmers extra support. I am not sure whether it is still going, but I do feel that women already play a key role as small farmers (and I do not use “small” in a derogatory way!) Be that as it may, farmers face enormous challenges.

If it were only so simple (and if farmers had access to funds to do all of this…)

I get very distressed by television news reports of precious (valuable) goats that have disappeared overnight from farms, and crops that have been dug up just as they are ripening by thieves. The threats posed by climate change cannot be understated, either. Farmers have…

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