Texas shooting: Uvalde gunman entered door that did not lock – BBC News

“She came back out while on her phone, she heard someone yell, ‘He has a gun!’, she saw him [the gunman] jump the fence and that he had a gun, so she ran back inside,” Mr Considine said, adding that the employee had removed the rock as she re-entered the building. Source: Texas shooting: Uvalde gunman entered door that did not lock – BBC News

Biden wants to ‘rebuild’ the EPA. He doesn’t have the money to do it. – The Washington Post

The agency’s funding has remained stagnant since his inauguration. Its work is hamstrung by low staffing levels not seen since Ronald Reagan left office.

The lack of resources and workers has undercut its ability to inspect facilities, measure contamination, punish violators and write new rules to stem pollution and climate change at a time when scientists say the world needs to act faster to stop runaway global warming.

At the beginning of his term, Biden asked Congress for a big boost to the EPA’s budget, from $9.2 billion to $11.2 billion. But the agency ended up getting only a fifth of that additional $2 billion requested by Biden, an increase that does not keep pace with the rapid rate of inflation.

That means the EPA actually has less spending power since Democrats took full control of the executive and legislative branches, even as its responsibilities grow. The budgetary slide continues a trend that deepened under Donald Trump but that began well before he took office.

Source: Biden wants to ‘rebuild’ the EPA. He doesn’t have the money to do it. – The Washington Post

Texas school shooting victims’ funerals begin as Joe Biden and Jacinda Ardern talk gun control – ABC News

The family of Amerie Jo Garza laid the 10-year-old Robb Elementary School student to rest as the focus turns to gun control, with US President Joe Biden meeting with New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to discuss her 2019 ban on military-style weapons that followed the Christchurch massacre.

Last week, two teachers and 19 students were killed in the town of Uvalde, about 90 minutes west of San Antonio, when an 18-year-old gunman burst into a classroom on Tuesday, May 24 (local time) and began firing a military-style rifle.

The first two funerals were held exactly one week later, while the pressure on local funeral homes means at least one family still has not seen the body of their loved one.

Mr Biden praised Ms Ardern for her “galvanising leadership” on New Zealand’s efforts to curb the spread of extremism online after a white supremacist killed 51 Muslim worshippers at two Christchurch mosques.

Ms Ardern successfully won passage of gun control measures less than a month after the shooting, with all but one of the country’s 120 federal politicians voting in favour of banning military-style semiautomatic weapons.

The New Zealand PM offered her condolences to Mr Biden and said she stood ready to share “anything that we can share that would be of any value” from her country’s experience.

“Our experience demonstrated our need for gun reform, but it also demonstrated what I think is an international issue around violent extremism and terrorism online,” Ms Ardern told reporters after the meeting.

Source: Texas school shooting victims’ funerals begin as Joe Biden and Jacinda Ardern talk gun control – ABC News

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