Do Better Manifesto Editing: A Dead Service Darling

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

      Here is another paragraph that was redundant, repeated in Part II.    This paragraph comes from Part I describing the end of Phase III.   Just a reminder: Phase III should start somewhere between 45 and 60 years from now, so the end of Phase III runs about 60 (or 80) years from now:


     Some connected responsibilities might include volunteering to serve, as many Europeans do, in hospitals, nursing homes, or schools. A commitment to serve a rotation in some form of public service such as local or regional government, for example, could also be a Serving Adult responsibility. Each Serving Adult should be prepared to rotate, if called upon, into a limited time term of either Jury Duty, city, state, or federal level government duty as a local/state or federal Representative or Senator, Governor, or cabinet member…

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The sustained effect of a temporary measure: Urban firearm mortality following expiration of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban – ScienceDirect

Total firearm-related homicides decreased while the Federal Assault Weapons Ban was in effect.

The rate of firearm-related homicides decreased during the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994.

The rate of firearm-related deaths leveled off after expiration of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.

Source: The sustained effect of a temporary measure: Urban firearm mortality following expiration of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban – ScienceDirect

Avian Flu Diary: WHO Updated Risk Assessment On Monkeypox – May 29th

Currently, the overall public health risk at global level is assessed as moderate considering this is the first time that monkeypox cases and clusters are reported concurrently in widely disparate WHO geographical areas, and without known epidemiological links to non-endemic countries in West or Central Africa. Cases have been mainly reported amongst MSM. Additionally, the sudden appearance and wide geographic scope of many sporadic cases indicates that widespread human-to-human transmission is already underway, and the virus may have been circulating unrecognized for several weeks or longer.

The public health risk could become high if this virus exploits the opportunity to establish itself as a human pathogen and spreads to groups at higher risk of severe disease such as young children and immunosuppressed persons; a large part of the population is vulnerable to monkeypox virus, as smallpox vaccination, which confers some cross-protection, has been discontinued since 1980 or earlier in some countries.

There is currently limited epidemiological and laboratory information, and the number of cases currently being reported is likely to be an underestimate, in part due the following:

  • the relatively mild symptoms in many cases with localized rash and lymphadenopathy, such that many persons may not present to health care services
  • lack of early clinical recognition by health workers of an infection previously known in only a few countries;
  • the time required by Member States to establish and scale up new surveillance mechanisms.
  • and a lack of widely available diagnostic tests, reagents and other supplies.

There is a potential risk to health workers if they are not wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent transmission. Though not reported in the current outbreak, the risk of health care associated monkeypox infections has been documented in the past.

There is the potential for greater health impact with wider spread to vulnerable population groups, as deaths among cases in previous outbreaks have been reported to occur more often among children, and immunocompromised individuals, including persons with poorly controlled HIV infection, who may be especially at risk of more severe disease.

Source: Avian Flu Diary: WHO Updated Risk Assessment On Monkeypox – May 29th

Pe calea cea bună

ore de drum

Veria, 2016, 2018

La Veria, Sfântul Apostol Pavel a poposit după ce a părăsit Tesalonicul, înainte de a merge la Atena.

Pe acest drum care intersectează Egnatia odos am trecut de multe ori, de fiecare dată spre câte un port.

Multe localități din Grecia se leagă între ele prin calea străbătută de Pavel, iar monumentul impunător, cel mai mare din lumea elenă, care i s-a închinat aici dovedește importanța pe care a avut-o așezarea vreme îndelungată.

Atunci când Pavel s-a oprit aici, a găsit în această localitate evreiască oameni dornici să-l asculte.

Mulți credeau cu adevărat în spusele sale, dovadă consemnarea unor evrei și greci care s-au convertit pe loc la creștinism.

Se spune că podiumul de unde le-a adresat învățăturile creștine are la bază treptele sinagogii de unde a propovăduit.

Pe întreg perimetrul unde a predicat, s-a edificat o estradă amplă în semicerc decorată cu mozaic și mărginită de…

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The Lake of Gold #photochallenge

penned in moon dust

There was a legend an age and a half ago – it was about a lake of gold.

“A curse,” they said “was placed upon the lake.”

Anyone who drank from the lake of gold would turn to stone.

In the lake there lived a bird who had a long beak that could catch fish but could never drink.

A girl would watch every morning as the sun was awakening and the gold was rippling. In her hands was a single drink of water saved for the bird with the special beak.

Each morning the bird would strut to the girl. He gave her a shy little smile.

Once he brought her a fish as a gift. She washed the fish and it turned to gold.

When the villagers heard about the golden fish, they became greedy. A man watched the girl as she greeted the bird.

One day the…

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