Freebies and Medicines – Kaushal Kishore

A public interest litigation (PIL) has been filed in the Supreme Court for making pharmaceutical companies criminally liable for giving freebies to doctors. It has been alleged that these companies shower freebies on doctors to influence them to prescribe their overpriced drugs and medicines.

Under the garb of sales promotion, freebies or indirect advantages are offered to doctors as gifts, entertainment, hospitality, sponsored foreign trips etc in exchange for an increase in sales of medicines. A proper record is maintained by companies area wise.

It has been alleged that mindless prescription of costly medicines leads to lowering of inherent immunity and future complications. A prime example of this was seen when Remdesivir injections were prescribed for Covid patients during the pandemic even when its efficacy against coronavirus was not scientifically proved. The excessive use of steroids led to a surge in cases of mucormycosis (black fungus) in Covid patients. Such practices violate the general public’s right to health and life.


Source: Freebies and Medicines – Kaushal Kishore