Guns Don’t Kill People. The United States Senate Does.

just drive, will you?

It’s a grand ol’ tradition here in these United States.

School shootings.

Young, lone gunmen armed to the teeth. Innocent children, senselessly murdered. Teachers laying down their lives for their students. Grief-stricken families. Shattered communities.

“Thoughts and prayers”, a phrase as empty and meaningless by now as “Compassionate Conservatism”. (Remember that?)

And, perhaps even most disgusting, wacky conspiracy theories.

No, actually, one thing more disgusting than that: Impotent leaders hiding behind lame excuses for doing absolutely nothing to end all this.

More specifically, the United States Senate.

Would you like some examples? Check out this story by Mary Clare Jalonick of Associated Press:

A decade of congressional inaction on gun control

Pathetic. Inexcusable. Infuriating.

And, for all the dead children and their families, so…so…sad.

Cartoonist Clay Jones says it all in this gruesome image that’s hard to look at, but very much on point:

They’re committed to…

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Greg Abbott Is Full of Sh!t

The Uvalde shooter did not kill those children with his purported mental health struggles. He did not shoot them with estrangement; he did not murder them with malaise; he did not ravage their little bodies with the inchoate rage of his misguided youth. He killed them with a goddamn assault rifle, and high-capacity magazines, designed for the precise purpose of human annihilation.

Source: Greg Abbott Is Full of Shit

Bizarre bill proposed to prevent Chinese currency ‘spying’ on US | AppleInsider

This could be another example of how so many in the US government are considering and passing laws that drastically affect technology firms, while exhibiting extraordinary ignorance of the issues.

However, it’s more likely that the bill is just grandstanding, showing an electorate that politicians are doing something. Expect more of this on the road to the November midterms.

Source: Bizarre bill proposed to prevent Chinese currency ‘spying’ on US | AppleInsider

Finally a Yankees Fan

just drive, will you?

I never could stand the New York Yankees baseball team.

Especially during the tenure of owner George Steinbrenner. I thought he was an arrogant, rich jerk who fielded a whole team of arrogant, rich jerks. I thought they felt entitled to a World Series Championship every season, like all the other teams shouldn’t even bother playing.

And the really annoying part was, they won a lot.

As a long-suffering Texas Rangers fan, this was the most annoying in the late 1990’s, when we would regularly lose to the Yanks in the playoffs.

But, that’s all history. Today, I come, not to bury the Yankees, but to praise them. (Thanks, Bill.)

And the Tampa Bay Rays, as well.

From Associated Press, May 27:

The New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays used their social media accounts during Thursday night’s game between the teams to spread information about how gun violence…

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Freebies and Medicines – Kaushal Kishore

A public interest litigation (PIL) has been filed in the Supreme Court for making pharmaceutical companies criminally liable for giving freebies to doctors. It has been alleged that these companies shower freebies on doctors to influence them to prescribe their overpriced drugs and medicines.

Under the garb of sales promotion, freebies or indirect advantages are offered to doctors as gifts, entertainment, hospitality, sponsored foreign trips etc in exchange for an increase in sales of medicines. A proper record is maintained by companies area wise.

It has been alleged that mindless prescription of costly medicines leads to lowering of inherent immunity and future complications. A prime example of this was seen when Remdesivir injections were prescribed for Covid patients during the pandemic even when its efficacy against coronavirus was not scientifically proved. The excessive use of steroids led to a surge in cases of mucormycosis (black fungus) in Covid patients. Such practices violate the general public’s right to health and life.


Source: Freebies and Medicines – Kaushal Kishore

Three Kentucky Correctional Officers Indicted for Assaulting Inmates and Attempting to Cover it Up | OPA | Department of Justice

Officers Samuel Patrick, 41, and Clinton Pauley, 40, were indicted for assaulting one inmate and attempting to cover it up, and Lieutenant Kevin Pearce, 37, was also indicted for helping cover up that assault. Officer Pauley was also charged with assaulting a second inmate and attempting to cover up that assault.

The indictment alleges that, on April 29, 2021, defendants Patrick and Pauley, who were officers at the U.S. Penitentiary-Big Sandy, physically assaulted an inmate, identified in the indictment as C.T., violating that inmate’s constitutional rights. The indictment also alleges that the assault resulted in bodily injury, and that defendants Patrick and Pauley, as well as a supervisory officer, Lieutenant Pearce, attempted to cover up the assault by writing false reports. The indictment also charges defendants Patrick and Pearce with witness tampering based on their efforts to pressure a fellow correctional officer to write an untruthful report that omitted the assault.

The indictment further alleges that, on March 26, 2021, defendant Pauley physically assaulted a different inmate, identified in the indictment as N.D., who was being escorted away from the prison’s lieutenants’ office at Big Sandy, and that the assault resulted in bodily injury. The indictment also charges that defendant Pauley attempted to cover up the assault of N.D. by writing a false report.


Source: Three Kentucky Correctional Officers Indicted for Assaulting Inmates and Attempting to Cover it Up | OPA | Department of Justice