Sanitization: Redefined During Covid-19 Crisis by Rajni , Archana Pawa :: SSRN

The meaning of sanitization took a drastic turn with the birth of Coronavirus that literally changed our mindset about personal hygiene. No one used to give much thought about it but after covid-19 came into the picture, sanitization became the primary concern of everyone regardless of their age, gender and place. The whole world got to know the necessity of proper sanitation practice. This paper has tried to put the spotlight on how the measures of sanitation have taken a drastic change since the Covid-19 crisis. The main focus will be on providing a basic overview of sanitization measures opted by food chains and food-delivery applications that are present in India and what kind of changes occurred in the everyday life of people in terms of sanitation.
The aim is to get a brief idea about the views of people on the changes that happened over the past few months to curb this situation and whether they were sufficient enough to give them a sense of security. Also, about their experiences with different food-delivery services and dine-in situations. How well the food outlets took sanitization seriously and whether the guidelines provided by WHO and government were being followed. And how did they manage to keep themselves safe and the people who were around them? And knowing about their opinions about the need for lockdown and review about the sanitation measures opted by public transports, food delivery apps, restaurants, markets, stores, etc.


Keywords: Covid-19, Hand Sanitization, Food Hygiene, Sanitization habits, Lockdown


Source: Sanitization: Redefined During Covid-19 Crisis by Rajni , Archana Pawa :: SSRN