Ormsby Hall, Kingston, Jamaica: the perfect place for a downtown arts centre. Sign the petition!

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This is to some extent a follow up to an earlier post, in which I shared a photo from artist and sculptor Laura Facey’s current exhibition, “Laboratory of the Ticking Heart.” The exhibit is at Ormsby Hall on Victoria Avenue in downtown Kingston and is set to close on June 10. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Here is the artisttalking about the exhibit, and the place. You will see many more photographs from the exhibit on her Instagram page (she describes herself as a “controversial Jamaican artist.”)

“I stepped into the hall. It was filled with garbage, and I fell in love with it… That was the space I needed,” said Ms. Facey.

Filled with garbage. This sums up in many ways Jamaicans’ attitude to our built heritage.

Will Vale Royal, a building over three centuries old…

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Where is Everyone? #Ukraine #Odessa #The Passage #timeportal

penned in moon dust

The clothes we had put in the closet were dated and we both chuckled. Ukraine had become quite modernized but in 1991 there was little fashion. My skirt was grey and my blouse was yellowed from many washings. I was glad I had packed an old blond wig. The blond with my blue eyes gave me a first glance pass as Ukrainian. I looked at Don. All I could think of was to use some hair dye I had earlier mixed in a bottle.

” It will at least take away the grey.” I said as I pulled a workers cap on his head.

“Now what?” I had a blank look.

“We need to find food and answers. Food should be easy.” He pointed toward the door.

I had forgotten that we weren’t in a war zone and there would be food. We sat down at a café in the…

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Buffalo shooting: Biden slams white supremacist ′terrorism′ | News | DW | 17.05.2022

US President Joe Biden on Tuesday condemned what he called the “poison” of white supremacy behind the mass shooting that killed 10 Black people in the second-largest city in the state of New York.

Biden was speaking in Buffalo, where an armed 18-year-old white teenager is accused of opening fire on 13 people — 11 of whom are Black — at a supermarket in a predominantly Black neighborhood.

The FBI had said the case was being investigated as a hate crime and an act of “racially motivated violent extremism.”

“What happened here is simple and straightforward: Terrorism, terrorism, domestic terrorism,” Biden said.

Source: Buffalo shooting: Biden slams white supremacist ′terrorism′ | News | DW | 17.05.2022