Two Thought Thursday -La Casa de Papel (Money Heist), on Empathy for the Sociopaths in our Lives??

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       My questions today are some I’ve asked before, but not gotten a response (pardon if I’m forgetting someone’s reply):

        1.)  Ought we to work toward having empathy for those, like a Sociopath such as Berlin, or a sociopath, such as Arturo, who have no empathy?   

        2.)  Why, or why not?   

           My reaction this week tries not to spoil the episode:  Cuestión de eficacia, and gives random reactions in the original Spanish, and most of the time in English, for the majority of my current readers:


cap. 12

Y el escondite del Profe ya no tiene nada de comprometidor.   


Of course:  the Prof. knew he’d be searched!

Y Ángel conduciendo muy borracho.


Pero dónde han metido las cosas electrónicas del Profe?
Oops:   Nada de relaciónes…
Y todavía conduciendo borracho, Angel, aunque…

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