Some Stray Thoughts…on Life

Kaushal Kishore

Many times
what we see is
not what it really is
and what it really is
is not what it looks like…

But we always want to see
what we wish to see
and when we are not able to see
the mismatch gives rise
to a series of mistakes
falling prey to misunderstandings
that get further inflamed
when one is unable to speak mind
and the other can’t understand it

The mind quickly gets entangled
in a spider’s web
with thoughts and thoughts
about the past moments
of despair and discords
leading to frustration and disconnect…

We remain the same
our paths and relationships
also don’t undergo any change
but what changes are
our own feeling and attitude…

The biggest mistake of our life
is that we don’t learn anything
from our own or others’ mistakes…

We must look back to understand life
and look ahead to live…

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