Does the World Still Need New Covid-19 Vaccines? | NEJM

Many reasons dictate a need for the development of a range of Covid-19 vaccines available for use across the world with the aim of bringing the pandemic under control. Each vaccine product has different attributes and advantages and disadvantages, and multiple factors must be considered to guide policy decisions. Different countries and health care settings, as well as different subpopulations and age groups, may benefit from different vaccine products developed on different platforms. Efficacy and safety, as evaluated in phase 3 trials, are not the sole outcomes to be assessed in a country’s decision to procure and introduce new Covid-19 vaccines. Ease of schedules, vaccine effectiveness when used in routine programs, need and frequency of boosters, cost, considerations regarding cold-chain logistics, manufacturing scalability, acceptability by communities, and scope for local or regional production are additional important factors.

Source: Does the World Still Need New Covid-19 Vaccines? | NEJM