Sorry, Ms. Toni: Tired of Bearing Witness. And Tools?

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     This comment from Toni Morrison has always pushed me to write about my own family history, in one form or another, whether as the book based on my walking tours, or as historical fiction.  And to write in such a way that it touches on the continuing effects of that history, particularly with regard to sex trafficking.  But does it really make any difference, or do any good?

      She said, about the responsibilities of the black woman writer: 

To bear witness to a history that is unrecorded

    But, why?

     How does that work bring into being newer tools, more apt for the problems that we need to solve today?

         What do you think our world could look like if every one of us worked to bear witness to what could be, rather than what is? 

     I look forward to hearing…

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