Lines Drawn in the Mist

The Twisting Tail

Would you give me anything I asked?” in a tone laced with power.
White lines bracketed his lips. “I’ll be no one’s slave.

Nalini Singh

This encroaching tripod
this faceless power
The erector of carrots and rods

Pressure ensued in subtle rips
Coarse lines issued
from pursed lips
Intersections through air
Veins trailing a spark
And without care
Lightning silhouettes in the dark

MYTH: To get a shock or burn, I need to touch a powerline.

FACT: Just getting too close could cause a severe shock, burn or even death. Electricity can jump or ‘arc’ through the air to you or any object that gets too close. Always stay at least three metres (10 feet) away from powerlines.

The bend of a switch
Breaks with a swift breeze

My field
Without sight
I know every inch
I walk each night
Into the mist

“Turn off the…

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