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Quem disse que precisa ser alegre pra ser bela?

A poesia é arte

A arte é a manifestação da beleza.

O belo é meu

É seu!..

É a construção do particular.

A condição do poeta é o que faz o poema acontecer

Não há resposta que acarreta prejuízo.

Ao poema.

A poesia vem de muitas condições, dentre elas:

A alegria



Dias de sol…






A poesia é a grandeza manifesta na sua forma escrita ou falada.

Da inspiração se faz um verso

e outro…e mais outro…

De tudo se faz um belo poema.

Da sensibilidade de um sorriso

Ao desejar da inocência

De tudo se faz um poema!

De tudo se constrói uma saudade…

Marii Freire Pereira. Poesia

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Imagem: pinterest/ Anna Gentile

Santarém, Pá 9 de maio de 2022

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Nicaragua Vastly Underestimates Covid Deaths, reports WHO – Havana Times

The data also reveals that, of the Central American region, Nicaragua is the country with the greatest difference between reported and estimated deaths due to excess mortality: 55 times.

The second country with a largest difference with its official figures, but not comparable with Nicaraguan records, is El Salvador. In this nation there were 4.5 times more deaths than the official ones. That is, from 3,824 reported deaths to 17,036.

Meanwhile, in Guatemala, which has the highest number of deaths in Central America, there have reportedly been three times more than the 16,107 recognized by 2021. The countries with the least difference between their official statistics and excess mortality are Costa Rica, Panamá and Belize.


Source: Nicaragua Vastly Underestimates Covid Deaths, reports WHO – Havana Times

Y si usted escuchara, en medio de los silencios y los rumores de la noche, que toco a su puerta

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga


Derechos reservados conforme a la ley/ Copyright

Y si usted escuchara, en medio de los silencios y los rumores de la noche, que toco a su puerta con la idea de abrazarla y confesarle, mientras tomo sus manos y me descubro en su mirada, que me resulta difícil permanecer lejos, sin compartirle un detalle, un motivo, uno de mis tantos desvaríos. Y si usted supiera que mis poemas, aunque a veces no los escriba, están inspirados en lo sublime del amor, en su nombre que leo y pronuncio junto al mío, en el perfume que impregna en mí cuando la abrazo y, emotivo, le confieso que la amo tanto. Y si usted comprendiera que la extraño tanto y necesito su risa de niña inquieta, sus alegrías y sus enojos, sus travesuras y sus consejos, sus formalidades y sus bromas, y más cuando, al andar en la…

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Boris Johnson to force through new anti-protest curbs in Queen’s speech | Queen’s speech | The Guardian (Me: Boris down on democracy and free speech – less democracy for Brits under Boris)

Government to announce new offences to stop protesters from ‘locking on’ to infrastructure

Source: Boris Johnson to force through new anti-protest curbs in Queen’s speech | Queen’s speech | The Guardian

Myanmar’s 4 strongest ethnic armies reject junta invitation to peace talks — Radio Free Asia

Myanmar’s four most powerful ethnic armed groups have rejected an olive branch from the junta, saying there can be no peace talks until the military regime allows the country’s shadow government and the paramilitary group that fights on its behalf to take a seat at the table. Source: Myanmar’s 4 strongest ethnic armies reject junta invitation to peace talks — Radio Free Asia

Violência doméstica: Quais os efeitos que ela pode causar na vida das crianças que assistem agressões?

Vivaldi translation of title: Domestic violence: What effects it can have on the lives of children who watch aggression?

Pensamentos.me/VEM comigo!

Quando se fala em violência doméstica, a impressão que se tem, é a de que, esta só atinge os adultos. Afinal, são eles que promovem tal confusão, certo? Errado. A violência doméstica tem efeitos nocivos para a família inteira. Porém, quem mais sente os resultados negativos são as crianças.

Quando se fala em violência, não se fala somente a respeito da violência vivida pelo casal. Mas as marcas que isso deixa na vida dos filhos. Há casais que não se entendem, não se respeitam, não sabem conversar. Eles falam o que pensam diante dos filhos que assistem as agressões em silêncio.

Dentre as muitas razões que levam um casal a se confrontar, certamente, a primeira coisa a se considerar é a incompatibilidade de ideia. Você nota que falta respeito e em muitos casos, consideração pelo outro. Relações pautadas no respeito, não falta diálogo. Não tem essa coisa da disputa por…

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Sickness and Compassion


It’s quite safe to say — unfortunately — that everyone either knows or will know someone fighting a serious illness. Eventually, that someone will be us as life is a game with no survivors.

When you are new to this situation, what do you say or do to show that you care without risking a foot-in-mouth moment and possibly making the person feel worse?

There’s a solution from a doctor and cancer survivor in UK that looks rather impressive.


These products are available on Amazon for shipping internationally. While the focus of the company is on cancer, the products are clearly applicable to people fighting other serious diseases.

Thanks to Ned Hamson for bring this to my attention.

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An Argument for Free Mass Transit

Blind Injustice

In my hometown of New York City, there has been increased attention lately on the issue of fare evasion—when someone seeks to avoid paying the fare required to get on a bus or subway train.

I made a tweet on social media pointing out that an easy way to get rid of fare evasion is to get rid of fares. Tweets aside though, I really think mass transit should be free, and there are some compelling arguments in favor of it.

Chief among them is the environment. If we really want to do all we can to take care of the environment, there needs to be more mass transit, better mass transit, and more incentive to take mass transit. Why? Because driving a car results in significantly more CO2 emissions per trip per mile than mass transit—either bus or rail.[1] This is another way of saying that driving a…

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Sorry, Ms. Toni: Tired of Bearing Witness. And Tools?

Context, Critical Thinking, Continuous Learning: Project Do Better

     This comment from Toni Morrison has always pushed me to write about my own family history, in one form or another, whether as the book based on my walking tours, or as historical fiction.  And to write in such a way that it touches on the continuing effects of that history, particularly with regard to sex trafficking.  But does it really make any difference, or do any good?

      She said, about the responsibilities of the black woman writer: 

To bear witness to a history that is unrecorded

    But, why?

     How does that work bring into being newer tools, more apt for the problems that we need to solve today?

         What do you think our world could look like if every one of us worked to bear witness to what could be, rather than what is? 

     I look forward to hearing…

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