Who By Fire: Meet the Characters: Sally… (συναντήστε την Πρόσωπα: ‘H Sally…)

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Our next character from my Work In Progress: Who By Fire: I Will -Book 1, is Sally :

      "I would like to learn the Grecian language, of the Testament of Our Lord, one day."

Our quiet Sally is a free woman of great courage. She will tell us next week of why she wishes to learn Ancient Greek, rather than starting, like Hopkins, from the Beginning with Hebrew.

I am currently outlining the scenes as a historical urban portal fantasy, sub-genre of either suspense or thriller.

Who by Fire: I Will is a historical fantasy novel cycle trilogy, I currently expect.

Working Cover for historical fantasy WiP

Action Prompts in support of empathy and hope that you can take right now:

1.) Share two different reasons to write your own novel, or write your Grandmother‘s story, even if it’s not in novel form.

2.) Write a book…

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