Mom: An Ode To Love

Kaushal Kishore

a word so soothing,
a relationship so comforting,
a feeling so divine,
simply unparalleled,
expressed in several ways
for the umpteenth time
in many odes and tributes
in so many beautiful words,
but not one is complete,
and can’t be ever…

In the galaxy of stars,
I find only one
that keeps shining
and interacting with me,
only one bird in a million
that chirps direct to my ears,
the fragrance of
only one flower in a billion
thatmakes me happy and affable…

She is my mother
a vast ocean of love
brimming with hope,
faith, feelings, empathy,
patience, perseverance,
dedication and sacrifice
standing like a beacon
always ready
for giving me a magic hug
kissing me on my cheeks…

Those lovely moments
will not come back, I know
change is inevitable,
nothing changes in this world
if nothing changes,
but the only constant remains
the sentiment,

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