Lesson Day 10/67, Plus: Snow Riots, and Heroes Escaping Gatekeepers…

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     This week we revisit an updated Lesson Plan 10 of 67 in our GED/HiSET series, and then, we see how the very first race riot in the USA took place, right in the District of Columbia, and how that relates to gatekeepers, but before that, a quick word about Isaias: 

   We have finally met the hero of Who By Fire: whobyfireiwilltmpcover   I Will, Isaias, an escaped slave, now a fugitive from the law, in 1838.  But, how did he escape?  Well, we can’t let the cat out of the bag entirely, can we?  A hint: it has to do with these riots we mentioned a second ago.

    In reflecting on my time as a tour creator in DC, and wondering how slavery still influences us, today.   I loved giving the first tour of my Underground Railroad and Black History series Singing Community Cooperation

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