Vote for the climate

Darcy Hitchcock

Midterms are already starting in certain states. Who we elect to office, or don’t, will have a significant impact on climate change.

How do you know how the candidates stack up? You can’t, of course, just listen to their rhetoric. Politicians love to make vague statements (like, “Yes we can” or “Make America great again”), hoping voters will take it to mean what they want it to mean.

So here are some ways to assess the climate performance of candidates, according to a recent article in Inside Climate News. The list below includes direct quotations from the article.

  • Vote Climate’s 117th Congress scorecard reveals distinctions among Democrats in its separate scores on “leadership,” and whether the candidate supports a carbon fee or related policy to reflect the social costs of carbon in the price of fossil fuels.
  • Climate Hawks Vote produces a shorter list of endorsements than many other…

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