Gas stations and buggy whips

Darcy Hitchcock

In the 1800’s buggy whips made the vehicles go. Then horseless carriages took over and buggy whips became short hand for an antiquated business. Now electric vehicles are on the rise and guess what. Some gas stations are resisting instead of preparing for the trend.

Gas stations aren’t exactly enthusiastic about the government’s efforts to put EV chargers anywhere and everywhere. In Georgia, where several automakers want to build new EV-focused manufacturing plants, gas station trade groups are advocating for legislation that would limit the state power authority’s potential role in EV charging. At the national level, lobbying groups that represent the gas station and convenience store industries have pushed back against a proposal in Congress to build EV chargers at public rest stops on the interstate because, they argue, it would undermine gas stations’ ability to compete.

It’s not all together their fault. You can install charging stations…

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2 thoughts on “Gas stations and buggy whips”

  1. Every company, small and large, is hampered by whatever investment they have in obsolete technology. Large companies can manage deep write-offs. mom-and-pops can’t. So I can understand the resistance even though this change has a ring of inevitability to it. I’m not even sure that the business model for EV charging will support independent service stations. Certainly, Tesla has promoted an inhouse EV charging network, and if in the future we embed charging lines in roads as some have discussed, the independent station will be roadkill.

    1. The expense now makes it a killer of small operations. Some firm(s) that are used to placing add on equipment to retail outlets may mean charging outlets like getting air for tires but getting installation cost down is key. Keeping them running will also be a challenge. Old line gas stations have been on decline for more than 20 years already – I wonder if new generation of EVs based on easily changed batteries will be the future of affordable EVs and power. You rent the battery and drive up to exchange station for quick change of battery ($50-100 a month)

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