Kidney Cancer


Yep, this is a thing, although it is more of a sideshow when compared to deaths from guns and Covid. However, this cancer illustrates the value of physical exams and early detection.

Globally, kidney cancer accounts for 5% of all cancers in males and 3% in females. In the US, the CDC expects roughly 41,000 new cases of kidney cancer among males and 24,000 among females each year.

The good news is that this is a highly treatable cancer if caught early. The five year survival rates in the US are:

  • Localized: When cancer is only in the kidneys, the 5-year survival rate is 93%.
  • Regional: When cancer has spread to nearby tissues, the rate is 71%.
  • Distant: If cancer has spread throughout the body and is present in other organs, the rate is 14%.(1)

The bad news is that symptoms may not appear until this cancer is relatively advanced.

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