Good People Doing Good Things – Little Kids With BIG Hearts

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There are two of my ‘weekly features’ that I try, no matter what is happening, never to miss:  Jolly Monday, and Wednesday’s ‘Good People’ posts.  This week, I am somewhat in a grey haze and already missed Jolly Monday (although it might just turn up a bit later in the week  😉  )  and was ready to throw in the towel on today’s Good People post.  But then … I remembered this post from early in 2017 and as I re-read it, I thought perhaps this is just what we ALL need right now to bring us back out of that grey, hazy place!  I think these kids will bring a smile to your face — they brought one to mine!

I have been working on this post for some four hours, and thus far, this sentence is all I have.  I made several false starts … people who seemed…

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