We All Need Others

Kaushal Kishore

As a child, once I got irritated due to skylights in my room and started covering them. My mom asked me the reason. I told her that dust and dirt made me uncomfortable. Then she explained why skylights are provided in rooms.

The air in the room gets heated up due to respiration etc and leaves through those skylights, while natural light and fresh cool air come in without compromising one’s privacy. But my question was, “Why two in one room? One could have sufficed this need.”

Her answer was interesting one. And I still remember it vividly, “A lonely skylight becomes sad and silent. It also needs company.” In the same vein, she went on to tell me why we used double doors in rooms.

These are the things that have long been forgotten. Skylights may be non-living objects, but in old days, we used to respect even doors…

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