Under the Same Sun #poetry #atozchallenge #tribute

penned in moon dust

moderators, old timers, just starting out

sharing one common thing

the month of April

in some places Spring

writers, poets, students, experts, bloggers

laugh, compose, take pictures, sigh

community for a month

until 2023 it’s goodbye

but wait hold that thought

learned, grew, took awhile

misplaced your pen

found your smile

Each year without fail I meet some amazing people and their writing / blogging is awesome too!

This 2022 is not exception because it is A to Z.

it slowly rose

displayed yellows, orange, reds

setting for another year

It’s incredible to look back at a month and see what has been accomplished as well as the people you have met along the way.

The Awesome Things:

The leadership – always great.

So many great people who participate in the A to Z challenge.

Creativity abounds in each blog

Stretching my personal writing

Would love to see next year:

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