Earth Day 2022 postscript: Two priorities for Jamaica and the Planet

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Earth Day 2022 just slipped past me, while my back was turned – which is most unfortunate. However, I did contribute to a really nice pictorial article produced by Global Voices’ Caribbean team (headed by my ever-encouraging editor, Janine, in Trinidad). We shared our personal memories and thoughts reflected in the photographs we chose. You can take a look here.

Earth Day is not only a time for reflection; it wasoriginally intended back in 1970 as a day of action. Having taken a quick look at what was happening on and around the day (apart from webinars) it struck me that two key issues stood out for Jamaica: Solid waste management and deforestation. This reminded me of our “Voices for Climate Change” tour around the island. On visiting rural communities, when we asked what were the major concerns there we were told “people cutting down trees” and “the…

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