Around and Around We Go (IMPORTANT UPDATE)


We have a hepatitis outbreak among children in the US, UK, Canada and Japan, and now an additional 12 countries. This is a serious disease with a risk of permanent liver damage or death to the victim.

Hepatitis is usually caused by a virus, but at this point, scientists are uncertain as to which virus to blame. Current thinking points to a version of the adenovirus as the culprit. This is the virus that triggers the common cold. Some of the cases, but not all, have been shown to be infected with Adenovirus Type 41. Some also had Covid.

This type of hepatitus is new, and doesn’t match versions (A. B. C. D or E) that doctors have seen to date. That is, tests for standard hepatitis versions will be negative. Thus most of these cases up to now have been classified by hospitals as “unexplained liver injury.”

Thus far…

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