The Medical/Sports Circus


From this article, we learn that:

(1) Knowing how to handle a basketball isn’t proof of intelligence, financial expertise or morals, and

(2) Having a medical degree isn’t proof of having common sense.

Why would anyone throw away a career over a few bucks? Massive risk for paltry rewards. Really.

There are 19 people facing jail time over trying to skim an NBA healthcare fund out of roughly $5,000,000. Net of cost and if divided evenly, each participate would net a little over $200,000 from the scheme. That would feed a cocaine or gambling habit for how long?

One is a doctor, one is a dentist, and one is an assistant coach with the Utah Jazz and a former player, while the rest either play or are retired from playing basketball. Of course, by the time this is done, they will be out of work.

The root of this case…

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