The Gulf Stream continues to slow down, new data shows, with freshwater creating an imbalance in the current, pushing it closer to a Collapse point » Severe Weather Europe

The United States and Europe’s weather is shaped by the Gulf Stream, which is continuing to slow down as more fresh water enters the current
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Facebook moderators call on firm to do more about posts praising Bucha atrocities | Technology | The Guardian

Facebook moderators have called on the company to let them take action against users who praise or support the Russian military’s atrocities in Bucha and across Ukraine. Almost a month after evidence of widespread murder and mass graves was uncovered by Ukrainian forces taking the suburb of Kyiv, the social network still has not flagged the atrocity as an “internally designated” incident, the moderators say. That ties their hands in how they can treat content related to the killings, they say, and forces them to leave up some content they believe ought to be removed. “It’s been a month since the massacre and mass graves in Bucha, but this event hasn’t been even designated a ‘violating event’, let alone a hate crime,” said one moderator, who spoke to the Guardian on condition of anonymity. “On that same day there was a shooting in the US, with one fatality and two casualties, and this was declared a violating event within three hours.”

Source: Facebook moderators call on firm to do more about posts praising Bucha atrocities | Technology | The Guardian

Luxe, calme et volupté

ore de drum

Bangkok, 2017

Pe vremea când hotelul Oriental s-a dat în folosință, în 1887, oamenii de litere obișnuiau să tragă în cele mai rafinate locații.

Gazdele erau onorate și datoare să le pună la dispoziție suite luxoase unde să-și scrie cărțile.

Scriitorii, clienți îndeobște pretențioși, treceau drept liderii de opinie cei mai credibili.

Cărțile lor erau dezbătute de aristocrați în saloanele literare la modă, iar oamenii politici se înghesuiau să-i citeze ca să-și exhibe cultura.

Prin vorbele de duh ale unui scriitor erau hrănite aspirații și influențate gusturi.

Astăzi, capriciile lor relatate anecdotic servesc reputației diverselor hoteluri pe unde au descins.

Unul dintre pelerinajele literare obligatorii pentru un degustător de lectură este socotit acest hotel mitic,

unde au poposit toți marii autori care călătoreau în Indochina,

pesemne singurul hotel din lume care se bucură de o amprentă literară atât de puternică.

Faima i s-a consolidat prin publicitatea pe care i-au făcut-o…

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An article in the Chicago Tribune by Kaitlin Miller reported various extant laws in place the day following January 6, 2021.  This list should probably be at all our fingertips:

What is treason?

Treason can broadly mean betrayal or treachery, but it is a federal crime — and the only crime expressly defined by the Constitution. Treason only applies to American citizens and can be committed by “levying war” against the U.S. or by giving American enemies “aid and comfort.” Both of these crimes require concrete action as well as an intent to betray the nation, according to the National Constitution Center. There have only been a few treason prosecutions in American history, and there has only been one person indicted for treason since 1954 and the last time someone was convicted was in 1952.

What is sedition?

Sedition is a federal crime that falls short of the offense of…

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William Shakespeare comigo!

” Um coração despreocupado vive muito.”

William Shakespeare. À Espera Dos Filhos da Luz. Ana Maria Braga.

À Espera Dos Filhos da Luz/ Ana Maria Braga. 2 ed. Rio de Janeiro: HarperCollins Brasil, 2019

Marii Freire Pereira comigo!

Imagem: pinterest/ Anny Kuchava. London

Santarém, Pá 30 de abril de 2022

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The Medical/Sports Circus


From this article, we learn that:

(1) Knowing how to handle a basketball isn’t proof of intelligence, financial expertise or morals, and

(2) Having a medical degree isn’t proof of having common sense.

Why would anyone throw away a career over a few bucks? Massive risk for paltry rewards. Really.

There are 19 people facing jail time over trying to skim an NBA healthcare fund out of roughly $5,000,000. Net of cost and if divided evenly, each participate would net a little over $200,000 from the scheme. That would feed a cocaine or gambling habit for how long?

One is a doctor, one is a dentist, and one is an assistant coach with the Utah Jazz and a former player, while the rest either play or are retired from playing basketball. Of course, by the time this is done, they will be out of work.

The root of this case…

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Die Welt ist Liebe … The world is love

Stella, oh, Stella

Foto: Vit Ducken (Pixabay)

So vielfälftig sind die Wunder der Schöpfung,
dass diese Schöhnheit niemals enden wird.
Die Schöpfung ist hier. Sie ist genau jetzt in dir,
ist es schon immer gewesen.
Die Welt ist ein Wunder. Die Welt ist Magie.
Die Welt ist Liebe. Und sie ist hier, jetzt.
(Cheyenne (?) Weisheit, Quelle:


The wonders of creation are so varied
that this beauty will never end.
Creation is here. It is inside you right now,
always has been.
The world is a wonder. The world is magic.
The world is love. And it is here, now.
(Cheyenne (?) wisdom, source:


Die Welt ist, was wir aus ihr machen …

… The world is the way we make it …

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