Yevhen #atozchallenge #Ukraine #fiction

penned in moon dust

“We go to Mariople today.” Yevhen spoke seriously to each of the men. “They try to send women and children to Russia.”

We had heard Russia was making promises of safe passage as long as those still in Mariople and other besieged cities went to Russia. How they would be treated there was questionable.

“This is when women and girls become slaves.” Olga shook her large wooden spoon.

“We will stop it.” One of the men who had shown his bravery so often, stood tall.

Olga had prepared a meal that would give the men strength. “Cheese and bread to last and snacks.” She held out my backpack that we had brought on the plane filled with snacks.

Before they left for Mariople, Maxsim ran back to tell us news.

“Navy turned away.” We all cheered knowing that today Odessa would not be overrun with Russian sailors.

Maxsim waved as…

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