SPOILER: Too Grumpy to Read


Why do I post it, then?  Just to get it off my chest. 

If you skip reading this you won’t get it all over

your chest, either.

The little feller above is trying to hide from reality,

just like us.  

I wonder how many folks in the United States still believe something was fishy about 911?

I just learned the editor of our town’s externally owned local weekly  newspaper has been fired for not wanting to carry a huge, misleading advertisement for an outfit known by others to be a scam.

I just saw a video of an Ohio legislator urging that raped children in no way should be allowed to abort but to give the foetus a chance to live and maybe cure cancer. … It’s so easy to find these sources on Google and I’m discouraged and you’re not reading this anyway so I’m not going to credit…

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