Don’t be the last person|آخرین نفر نباش

A Voice from Iran

“113th story”

First published: Oct.17.2019

In the 1960s Barbara was driving on a very stormy night. She was exhausted and hungry when she felt a flat tire. Barbara parked beside the road and stood by her car for help.


She waved to every vehicle that was passing, but none of them stopped to help Barbara. She was there for almost an hour, and it was freezing when a rusty old car parked behind her car.


A young man walked out of the vehicle; Barbara got a little scared. The young man said: “It is frigid, go and sit in the car while I change the tire.”


Barbara got very happy. When the young man changed the tire knocked on the window, Barbara walked out of her car, thanked him, and handed him a bill of fifty.


The young man refused and said: “I didn’t do it for money, just promise…

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