And The Snark Goes On … And On … And ON

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My radar had a busy, busy day yesterday … news items were flying onto the screen at a pace I couldn’t even keep up with.  You’ll hear about them all, eventually, but for this morning, here are two that stuck in my craw.

One Million Moms

… sounds like a group of mothers concerned about their children’s future, a group willing to stand up and fight against such things as racism, homophobia, and misogyny.  A group who wants their children to have the best chance possible at a future, who will fight for their child’s right to a widely-varied education that opens their minds and prepares them for the future, right?  WRONG!!!  One Million Moms is a hate group that supports bigotry in all its forms, who would happily eradicate the LGBTQ community, and who would turn back the hands of time hundreds of years, given the chance.


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