War Torn #atozchallenge #Ukraine

penned in moon dust

“Vlad how are we going to get across if you can’t remember?”

“Anatoliy told me years ago. You forget I am old man.” Vlad’s voice cracked.

“It’s easy. Let’s think about that.” My husband knew he had to battle the worry.

“Yes, we tried many configurations to get here when my wife was on this side. Anatoliy didn’t seem to know any more than we did.”

“Or he didn’t want too many to know.”

“Yes, that could be true. Let’s go to Passage. Maybe we can find something.”

“Olga, I am not sure when I will be back…”

“Your wife is our number one concern. Go do what you must do.” Olga pushed the men out the door.

As they walked, they were both deep in thought. My husband wondered about the man who kept a close eye on them. He had always been at The Passage.

“Vlad, I think…

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