Two Things NOT To Do in Your Writing Process: Editing Journal Notes

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These are notes from my Do Better editing journal (separate from my Do Better journal, which records my thoughts about the process while outlining, drafting, and editing this book).

1.) Do not journal on scraps of paper, even if it does save trees: keep a separate notebook for your novel journal, and use the scraps for To Do list items that can be checked off and recycled when done (as I ended up having to back-track through these Novel Journaling notes later, making To Do lists and matching up my journal notes with Story and Scene Detail notes…),


2.) Do not take a year long break to write another book in the middle of your novel! You’ll be unhappy about the novel when you come back to it, having lost momentum and key ideas that you had bouncing around in mind by not yet coagulated into written thoughts.


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  1. Thank you for sharing this note, Ned: hope it helps other writers working to help build empathy and education in our world, like Violet and other, so that we can Do Better for everyone.

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