31 Gang Members and Associates of Mexican Mafia Charged in Racketeering Indictment | OPA | Department of Justice

A 33-count federal grand jury indictment unsealed today charges 31 members and associates of the Orange County Mexican Mafia with racketeering offenses, two murders and six attempted murders, and related drug and gun charges.

The indictment further alleges that in or around 2016, and continuing to at least in or around April 2022, defendants Johnny Martinez, Robert Aguirre and Dennis Ortiz were the OC Mexican Mafia members in charge of criminal activities in Orange County and within Orange County jail and prison facilities. Defendants Omar Mejia, Miguel Jose Alvarado, Luis Heriberto Vasquez, Michael Cooper and Abraham Guajardo held positions of shot-callers or mouthpieces for Martinez, Aguirre, and Ortiz. Defendant Robert Martinez held a position of authority within the Orange County Jail as defendant Johnny Martinez’s representative. Defendant Brenda Vanessa Campos Martinez served as a secretary for defendant Johnny Martinez, and defendant Danielle Canales served in a similar capacity for defendants Johnny Martinez and Cooper. The violent crimes alleged against the OC Mexican Mafia include:

  • The Jan. 19, 2017, armed robbery and shooting death of R.R.;
  • The Aug. 21, 2017, shooting death of R.V., who was shot seven times in the back of the head and body, and left dead on the street in Orange, California;
  • The Aug. 5, 2017, attempted murder of defendant Munoz, who had fallen out of favor with The OC Mexican Mafia and was shot seven times;
  • The Dec. 1, 2017, attempted murder of D.D., a representative of a Hispanic street gang, who was allegedly abusing his power and authority within the OC Mexican Mafia enterprise;
  • The Dec. 12, 2017, attempted murder of E.O., an OC Mexican Mafia associate incarcerated at Calipatria State Prison, who was believed to have violated the OC Mexican Mafia’s code by warning individuals that they were targeted for violence by the OC Mexican Mafia, and who suffered multiple injuries, including puncture wounds to his shoulders, stomach, lower back, and upper back;
  • The Dec. 25, 2017, attempted murder of R.M. for showing disrespect to defendant Martinez;
  • The July 29, 2020, attempted murder of F.B., a member of an Orange County Hispanic street gang incarcerated at the Theo Lacy Facility, who was targeted because he purportedly claimed that he would speak to law enforcement about the Mexican Mafia, and whose throat was slit; and
  • Two murder attempts on Jan. 5, 2018, and Dec. 31, 2019, of defendant Cooper, who had fallen out of favor with defendants Martinez and Aguirre, and who in one incident was stabbed multiple times in the head and back area, and in the second was cut in the throat and face.

Source: 31 Gang Members and Associates of Mexican Mafia Charged in Racketeering Indictment | OPA | Department of Justice