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penned in moon dust

“Are you okay?” My husband shook my body. ‘Honey, are you okay?” He said louder. “Wake up!!!”

When I didn’t respond, he picked me up. For a moment he had no idea what to do. Sirens were going off and bombs were falling. “What do I do? He screamed.

He saw a dim light that was over the door of the church. He ran there praying that the bombs would fall somewhere else.

“Are there any medical people?” He said with a panic that none of our team had ever seen.

Olga grabbed his hand and without a word directed him to a quiet area where there was a cot.

“We need to set her down in quiet and not too much light.” Our friend who had medical training told me. “Her vitals are strong. I think she has a concussion and hopefully will revive.”

Unfortunately, hospitals were one of…

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